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Ignite Programme

As part of our ongoing mission to enable the next generation of students, Future Fwd are delighted to offer an exciting coaching programme for young people – ‘Ignite’ – which aims to give them a set of skills and capabilities to go out in to the world and make their mark.

The programme was born out of a desire to give young people the tools to speak confidently, communicate ideas effectively and utilise their unique voice to create a positive influence. After listening to the voice of the Gen Z panel at Future Fwd 2023, it became clear that young people are brimming with fantastic ideas, but some felt that they did not have the necessary confidence or skillset to get them off the ground and bring them to life. That is where the Ignite programme comes in…

Ignite 2024 involves a series of three sessions - held at Warwick Schools Foundation’s Warwick Campus – each specifically designed to build upon the skills developed in the previous session. Focussing on building characteristics such as confidence and resilience in knowing how to overcome challenges and obstacles, and developing skills such as influential conversational strategies; forming meaningful and positive connections; embracing the thrill of chance and change; and taking charge of your personal agency, the sessions teach practical, life-ready skills and capabilities that allows young people to take control of their life and shape it according to their aspirations.

This leads to a tailored, holistic offering that facilitates the development of a well-rounded yet truly impactful set of skills and capabilities, with participants seeing tangible improvements after each session.