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Social Impact

We are proud of the positive social impact we make within the local community:

1. Through working closely with local schools, we proudly provide opportunities for our pupils and those from the local community to collaborate with our staff and each other, fostering transformational outcomes for everyone involved.

2. We are fortunate that the town of Warwick shares our appreciation for music, art and culture and this has enabled us to collaborate on many exiting projects, spreading joy through music and performance.

3. We strive to share our resources with our community as much as we can and aim to facilitate enriching experiences through festivals, performances, private functions, sporting events and bursaries.

4. We collaborate with local organisations and schools with the aim of contributing to the wellbeing and development of our neighbouring towns and the people within it.

In addition, since 2022, we have worked with a variety of schools within the CV34 area to offer over 40 community outreach programmes spanning academia, music, and sport.  

As a Foundation, we remain committed to making a positive social impact with the community for years to come.