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Insurance Documentation

Insurance Schemes 2023/2024

Below are details of the insurance schemes which are available to you via the Foundation on the basis of the terms and conditions set by the insurers. The insurance schemes are administered by two pupil-focused insurance providers; Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited and Marsh Education Practice. Information and details of how to subscribe and make a claim are set out below.

The schemes and insurances available to you via Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited are as follows;

Pupils’ Personal Accident Insurance

At no extra cost to parents or fee payers, Warwick Independent School Foundation have insured all pupils against Personal Accident with up to £1,000,000 cover on an all in basis, in the event of serious bodily injury following an accident. This also includes dental injury expenses cover as standard. This will provide protection should the worst happen and your child suffers permanent disability, dental injuries, burns and scars, or death following an accident.


Pupil Absence Insurance – Optional

The Foundation does not refund fees for days when a pupil is absent for any reason including ill health.  If your child is absent, no discount will be applied to your bill. For 0.60% of the termly fee for boarders or 0.80% of the termly fee for day pupils, you can take out School Fee Refund cover; providing peace of mind should you and your child face such an event which means your child is unable to attend school for an extended period due to illness or injury. We would also advise that in cases of highly serious health issues, the Foundation may consider assistance regardless of whether a parent has this insurance.

Pupil's Personal Possessions Insurance - Optional

The Foundation's general insurance includes only a limited form of cover with claim value limit of £250 subject to the claimant having no other relevant insurance in place. Therefore, for £10.00 per term, this cover provide peace of mind against damage, loss, and theft of valueable of £7,500. Personal possession cover protect laptops, iPads, tablets, bicycles, musical instruments, art equipment and other valueable are also covered. Cover has been extended to protect pupils' personal possessions while being taught from home.

To subscribe to any of the schemes and insurances above, please register on the Endsleigh Insurance Portal using the following link:


After you have registered, you can log in to the Endsleigh Insurance Portal where you will be able to view and manage your child’s insurance products in an easy and secure manner. You will also be able to view claims procedures and make a claim. To log in, use the link below:

The schemes and insurance available to you via Marsh Education Practice are as follows;

AXA Pupil's Private Healthcare Scheme – Optional

Private medical cover is provided with AXA PPP Healthcare. The Pupils’ Healthcare Scheme gives you the peace of mind that should your child become ill, which is an already stressful time, they have fast access to treatment and care for eligible conditions. For more information visit The cost is £126.00* per term added to your termly bill. *Fees include Insurance Premium Tax at 12%.

You can download the latest documents provided by AXA from the bottom of this page.

To subscribe to the AXA PPP Healthcare Scheme, please complete the application form on the following links:

Warwick Preparatory School

Warwick School (Junior & Senior)

King's High School

The Kingsley School


Please consider arranging Disruption to Income Cover. Insurances are available to provide cover in case the fee payer’s income is disrupted, for example, through redundancy or long-term illness. The Foundation’s insurers do not provide such a scheme, but you can make your own arrangements through other providers and we would strongly advise parents to do so.

If you have any questions regarding the insurances offered to you via the Foundation, please contact the billing department by emailing